September 2012
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For the second consecutive year, DECCO used Kimball Farm in Westford, MA, to celebrate the end of winter and recognize Partners with "Years of Service" and "Safety" awards.

This year it actually felt less like a "Thaw" and more like a "Boil," as the temps shot into the 90s. The evening was filled with a healthy dose of good old-fashioned competition in the batting cages, in the horse shoe pits, and on the golf course. In addition, several partners were on hand to catch up with one another over cold drinks and BBQ. The food was as good as advertised, and there was plenty to go around including an ice cream buffet that was just what the doctor ordered to cool everyone off.

We also took time to recognize the following Partners for their years of service at DECCO:

Five Years of Service

  • Deb Brodeur
  • Martin Ducharme
  • Donna Harvey
  • Desmond Holman
  • Sean Nelson

Ten Years of Service

  • Rebecca Coutinho
  • Brad Elliott
  • Adam Guerrette
  • Ed Kozloski
  • Paul Robillard
  • Michael Shreenan
  • Sean Slattery
  • Mark Terry

Fifteen Years of Service

  • Cory Canning
  • Dan Daigle

Twenty Years of Service

  • Dave Miller

Congratulations to all!

We continue to boast about our average years of service in the field being 10+ years.

In addition to the "Years of Service" awards, we also handed out cash awards for continuous hours worked without an injury or Safety Policy violation. The cash awards start at 2000 hours without a Safety Policy violation and go as high as 30,000 hours—that's almost 15 years. Dennis Turgeon is the top Safety award winner with almost 30,000 safe hours to date. Other top winners were Bryon Hedley and Jeff Martin with 28,000 safe hours. An amazing achievement guys; not only does DECCO thank you, but so do your loved ones.

Thanks to all who participated and we look forward to another successful celebration in 2013!

John Allemeier is DECCO's New General Manager

John AllemeierDECCO, Inc. is pleased to announce that John Allemeier will be rejoining DECCO in the role of General Manager. John will be responsible for developing and implementing programs related to maximizing our overall efficiencies both in the office and field including preconstruction and construction planning.

John previously worked for DECCO from 2001 until 2004 and helped refine the Project Control Systems (PCS). John worked in the role of pre-construction manager and was responsible for both estimating, pre-construction planning, and purchasing before he went out to serve similar roles for major construction companies around the globe.

Gillette Stadium Clubhouse
Foxborough, MA
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Welcome Back, Dan Kennedy

Dan KennedyDan Kennedy has returned to DECCO! Dan began his DECCO career back in 2000 working as an Estimator and Project Engineer. He left to pursue opportunities closer to his home in 2007, but we are excited to have him back. His DECCO resume includes projects such as Cabot, Cambrex and LONZA. In addition, Dan managed several small projects in our "SPD" group.

In 2007, Dan made the difficult decision to leave DECCO and work on the Bristol Meyers Squibb project. Upon that projects completion, Dan went on to work for a local skid manufacturer before deciding to rejoin us. We are excited to have such a talented PE with a wealth of knowledge to draw on. Dan stated "It's GREAT to be back and feels like I never left." Well, we feel the same way!