February 2013

Across the marketplace, DECCO is known as one of the largest and most capable mechanical contractors in New England. Many think we only focus on the mega-projects, but that's only about half the story. DECCO has long maintained a Small Project Group (SPG) that focuses on the small-projects and construction-service markets. This group is made up of a team of "Partners" with fully outfitted vehicles that can respond quickly to a variety of special client needs—from repairing a valve leak, to installing an orbitally welded and validated line, to a 1 to 2 week small project. DECCO's SPG Team delivers the same level of outstanding customer focus, industry leading safety and quality, and diverse set of skills from utility to process piping to lab plumbing that our large project teams have been delivering since the mid-80's. Our SPG Team covers all of New England, and we're ready to respond to our clients no matter how large (or small) the scope of work may be.

If you should have a need for responsiveness, quality, safety, and assurance of a job done to your complete satisfaction, our SPG Team can be at your door within 24-36 hours.

School Is in Session!
DECCO Weld School DECCO Weld School

DECCO Weld School is in session! At DECCO, Inc., we strive to be a place of continuous learning and proud of our Partners who dedicate their personal time to increase their skills and advance their careers. Over the past 3 months, DECCO has awarded eight new Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ's) in stainless steel and carbon steel processes. The "DECCO Weld School" is open Saturday mornings from 8 AM to noon for those partners looking to a) become a certified welder; b) gain additional weld certs; or c) "practice" on welding processes they currently have, but haven't used in a while. The two main weld techniques being taught are Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or Tig-weld and Shielded Metal Arc Welding or Stick-weld. It's truly a special partner who works all week and still takes the time away from family and friends on the weekend to advance their careers and ultimately improve DECCO's service to our clients.

DECCO would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thanks to our tremendous and dedicated Weld School instructors: Bryon Hedley, Merritt McCray, and Jansen Jeffreys.

DECCO, Inc. is very happy to announce the recent promotion of Mark Perior to Supervisor!

Mark began his career 12 years ago when he enrolled in DECCO's Apprenticeship Program. After successful completion of this program, Mark proudly represented DECCO at the ABC National Craft Championship winning second place and taking home the Silver Medal. Marks ambition, drive, and dedication were very apparent. He completed all the required modules in the DECCO leadership program and embodied DECCO's spirit of continuous improvement as he obtained numerous skills, certifications, and licenses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and made the transition from tradesperson to foreman. This summer Mark's work on the "EMMA" project at BMS helped elevate him to his current supervisor position. As usual, Mark performed beyond expectations.

Based on the level of Mark's knowledge and his proven supervisorial skills it was an easy decision for DECCO to make. If you see Mark in the field, please be sure to shake his hand and congratulate him on his well-earned and well deserved promotions. Again, congratulations Mark.

Roger Maynard Retires
Roger Maynard Roger Maynard Roger Maynard

Roger Maynard, a DECCO veteran of 20+ years, recently retired and his career was celebrated at an event this past week.

Roger has served in many roles for DECCO (and some of its sister companies) over the years including time in the field, our estimating department, and, most recently, managing our Purchasing Department. His tireless work ethic and his "team-first" attitude was always present in whatever he was asked to do for the company. This was only further evidenced by his willingness to continue to help us on a part-time basis in our plumbing group as we take on more and more opportunities.

Roger is somebody who embodied DECCO's "core values" of Partnership, Excellence, Ethics, and Commitment throughout his career, and we are all thankful he chose us to share his career with.

Shortly after his party, Roger left for a fishing trip with fellow DECCO-alum, John Wittig, in sunny South Florida. Everyone who worked with Roger over the years wishes him nothing but the best.

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